Black-Owned Company Punch TV Studios, Now Qualified to Sell Stock to the Urban Community

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    President Obama Signs JOBS Act, Making Punch TV Studios The Only Black-Owned Media Company Qualified To Sell Stock To The Urban Community At $1 Per Share

    Hollywood, CA — In Vanity Fair’s November issue Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin provides a surprisingly frank exit interview with President Barack Obama in which he discusses his plans for post presidency and life after the White House. There are “things,” he told Goodwin, “that in some ways I suspect I’m able to do better out of this office.” He elaborated that because of the “institutional constraints” of the presidency, “there are things I cannot say.”

    He went on to say “there are institutional obligations I have to carry out that are important for a President of the United States to carry out, but may not always align with what I think would move the ball down the field on the issues that I care most deeply about,” he said.

    Media company Punch TV Studios, known for providing a unique selection of original and creative television programming, recently announced its qualification of its stock offering from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Regulation A, the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act which was signed into law by President Obama. Based on this law Punch TV Studios is now authorized to sell stock in the company.

    “By signing the JOBS Act into law President Obama made it easier for startup companies such as Punch TV Studios to go public and to raise capital privately. That was no minor feat. It was a major stand for a sitting President to take and a historical change in the way America does business. Although there is always more to be done, let us not forget that Punch TV Studios is the media legacy that President Obama leaves behind,” said Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins.

    “We look forward to the day that President Obama is able to do more. In fact, we welcome President Obama to begin his post White House initiatives with Punch TV Studios. We know that whether he’s in the streets of Chicago, Ferguson, Charlotte, Flint, Baltimore, Milwaukee or any town USA; whether he’s exploring the issues of police brutality, economic disparity or gang violence Punch TV Studios is the only publicly traded media company that can provide the true, real, unaltered, unedited, unfiltered voice of the people!”

    As one of the few African American CEOs of a publicly traded company, Collins has an unmatched understanding of what the urban community is looking for and a keen eye on the pulse of the people. Punch TV Studios is currently developing new, original TV content for the urban community and is the first to develop a digital broadcast & Internet streaming network specifically designed to meet their unique entertainment needs.

    Punch TV Studios launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on June 19, 2016. According to its business model Punch TV Studios is projected to generate more than half a billion dollars in annual revenue by year three post IPO. With an opening price of only $1 per share, Punch TV Studios’ primary focus was to make their stock available and affordable to the average American. Early investors, Punch TV Studios supporters and television aficionados are able to get in on the ground floor and purchase stock directly from the company today.

    Join the conversation on Investors Hangout. Learn more about Punch TV Studios, become a stockholder and learn how they are continuing to redefine the media industry at

    About Punch TV Studios
    Punch TV Studios was founded by CEO Joseph Collins as a production company that develops new media content for license and distribution around the world. Punch TV Studios is the first and only company that is doing an IPO targeted directly towards the urban market to bring wealth and jobs to the urban community. For more details, visit
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    I tried following up by researching the company and can't find much independent information. Googling PunchTV Studios for its stock symbol leads to Urban Television Network Corporation - symbol URBT which was listed as its last trade for $0.31 share with 130,000,000 shares outstanding on the Over-The-Counter market. The company officers for Urban Network Television Corporation are listed as Joseph Collins, Edward Maddox and Jacob Miles. At the PunchTV Studios website listed in the press release posted by @Ockydub the only officer listed is Joseph Collins. I did look at some, but not all, of the SEC correspondence and it seems that the primary asset is Joseph Collins film and tv library.
    Thought this might be a good investment, but I guess I will wait to see.
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