Black Panther - Already Making the Earth Shake

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    The 4th Dimension Is MINE!

    The final trailer for Black Panther has been released and the countdown has begun. Those who will see Black Panther in IMAX will get a special visual treat because select scenes were specifically designed for IMAX screens. Those scenes will have an expanded 1.9:11 ratio allotting 26% more capture than on standard projections. An example is shown below.


    Black Panther’s pre-ticket sales are already breaking records; out selling all other previous Marvel films. Fandango states that advance sales for Black Panther have already topped the previous record holder Captain America: Civil War. Fandango also stated that they surveyed over 8000 moviegoers and Black Panther was voted 2018’s most anticipated film followed by Avengers: Infinity War.

    Black Panther opens on Feb. 16. Check out the trailer below.

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