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    When I was growing up I used to watch Fawlty Towers. It was a British sitcom from the 70's. It was really funny, even though I did not understand all the jokes because of my limited vocabulary, the delivery made me laugh. Then I moved on to Mr. Bean, ever since then I have found British humour and comedy hilarious. It takes some time, for some, to get use to though. It can be funny haha and also funny peculiar.
    Right now, I am hooked on these two This Country and Fleabag. Fleabag is superb I have died laughing watching them, and wanted to share them with you guys. Also what are some of your favourite British comedy series or movies?

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    I think I mentioned this before. It was called “The Real McCoy”, the BBC’s answer to “In Living Color” in the 1990s. Heavy with Black British and Caribbean-based humor. Got to meet a couple of cast members when they came overseas. Some of them can also be seen in the Brad Pitt/Jason Staham movie “Snatch”

    My favorite would be Irish comedian Dave Allen (okay, Irish, but PBS would always lump him in with Brit imported shows back in the 80s). An Irish Catholic who openly mocked the church on a regular basis. He made realize as a kid it was cool and smart to be a disbeliever.

    If you like Monty Python, a lot of their pre-python material is on YouTube, such as The Week That Was, Don’t Adjust Your TV Set, and At Last The 1948 Show. Also their post-Python stuff like “Rutland Weekend Television” with Eric Idle.

    And even though most Americans know him for that lousy show “House”, Hugh Laurie was more well known previously as Stephen Fry’s comedy partner
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