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    I'm sure we all know by now that Disney is the devil and secretly is controlling humanity with lies. Training folks with foolishness and stealing content and claiming it as original such as the Lion King....and the old Japanese anime Kimba the Lion, which they gave no credit to but seem to steal a plethora of scenes from but that's another story.

    This post is something I found about the real story of Pocahontas outside of Disney. As a kid, like a few other people, I believed the events that Disney highlighted to be true. Well some of these points I'm researching prove otherwise. When I get bored I try to research everythang. I'm still the same kid that stayed in library while others were outside at recess.

    Pocahontas had a Native husband and Native child; never married John Smith.

    Pocahontas’ Mother, Also Named Pocahontas, Died While Giving Birth to Her.

    John Smith Came to the Powhatan When Pocahontas Was about 9 or 10.

    Pocahontas Never Defied Her Father to Bring Food to John Smith or Jamestown.

    As Colonists Terrorized Native People, Pocahontas Married and Became Pregnant

    John Rolfe Married Pocahontas to Create a Native Alliance in Tobacco Production

    Pocahontas Was Brought to England To Raise Money and Was Then Likely Murdered

    I wonder what other stories have a darker end and I wonder why society trains children with all these lives to be a slave to the system.

    This world is a lie! I need to get fat now. Later. Cypher-cologists!!

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