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    Just some whole food for thought:

    People have bounced around the idea of a CA meetup lately. I'm sure one day CA will be big enough to have one of those for-profit celebrity ocean cruise packages in which I see so many organizations engage; or perhaps a profitable TMZ-style tour bus of Atlanta ("...and over here, to the right, is where that famous rapper-turned-actor was outed when he was caught bottoming in the alley behind the club for the Crown Prince of Dubai"). Coming across this article by writer Steven Thrasher made me realize the possibilities for such an event are endless and don't have to be confined to the stereotypical club / strip joint destination.

    Joy, clay and nudity: a weekend in the woods with LGBT faeries of color

    I love The Guardian newspaper as it's a friendly home to LGBT columnists, unlike mainstream American newspapers, and includes some of my favorite black gay writers, such as Thrasher and Zach Stafford. And it was hilarious to see Thrasher, whose column photo looks like a prim and proper gentlemen in desperate need of a laxative, unleashed into some black fairy godfather that looks like a cross-between Guns N Roses's guitarist Slash and Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.

    While this event may be too flowery or fem for some bruhs around here, I could actually see myself attending something like Xrysalis that was a lot less fruity and hippie-dippie (leave the acoustic guitars and Kum Ba Ya song sheets at home) and more masc (we're talking dude on the Brawny paper towel package speed here). Underneath my hard, crunchy, urban coating, I'm actually a tree-hugging, granola-eatin', back-to-nature mofo that would dig a few days of good fellowship among the birds and trees. Fishing (y'all catch and skin 'em, I'll just eat 'em), hiking, and outdoor sports wouldn't be bad either. And gay/bi men are naturals at pitching tents and wrestling bears....
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    I would be down for something more Bohemian Grove and less fairy like

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