Lamar Odom, I am rooting for you....Much Love & Respect

Discussion in 'Sports and Athletes' started by Omega Level, Jul 28, 2017.

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    Wow, just wow. Im sure we all know his story, but in reading his article in
    Done in the Dark | The Players' Tribune I am FLOORED with his honesty and have so much respect for him.

    It was always weird to me when people would place judgement on others for doing drugs. Yes, its not ideal and of course its dangerous and should never be started in the first place. But everyones life is different and has different paths. When Whitney Houston died, I felt so bad for her. She lost the battle. And many people were still making jokes. In similar ways people joked about Lamar.

    I always felt compassion for addicts. Maybe it comes from seeing family members go that way or I can be honest in saying that even I myself have experimented with drugs in the past. You would be surprised how it can sneak up on people. Even those who would look down upon and vow how they could NEVER do this and that, trust me, life can take you in ways you never thought would happen.

    Articles like this I appreciate soooo much because specifically in the black community, we don't talk about our dirty filthy laundry. When people die and others ask how, everyone acts like its a big secret. When it comes to drugs, everyone acts like they don't do it and never have and everything is innocent with them. I think discussing these things can help so many people look at their own lives and make different choices or at the very least, have some damn compassion.

    I fuckin LOVE you Lamar Odom. Well done....

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