Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Miles Comes Out on National TV!

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    For those of you that have been keeping up with Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, tonight saw Miles (aka Siir Brock), tell his story. The openly gay rapper and now reality TV sensation disclosed his deepest and darkest secret to his two sisters and his best friend since high school. Seeing him bare his soul to those closest to him was eye-opening and powerful.

    I've thought about coming out to my friends and family too. So far, my twin and I know about each other, a mentor of mine from ATL that I did a summer research fellowship with and a childhood friend have heard from my lips that I am gay. It's like I want to tell my other brothers, my parents, and some of my extended family that I have been very close to since childhood but I don't exactly know how or when I should. I know that one of the most important things to me in this life is to be financially independent before doing so. In spite of that, I've been learning from some of the guys I've met off here to just live my life and that my parents don't have to know everything. So that's what I've been doing little by little.

    I met a wonderful man at Pride Center Florida that has been with his husband for 23 years now and they have taught me so much and I continue to learn from them until this very day about how to go about life. Both of them told me that they actually never came out to their parents. They are 63 and 64 and of course back when they were my age (25 y.o.), it was a completely different time. I need to ask them if they would have ever changed that. How do they think that coming out to their parents may have affected their lives differently?

    So that brings up the age-old question for you guys....have you come out to your parents? Siblings? Extended family? Friends?

    How did do you think it changed you? For better or for worse?

    How did it affect the relationships you have with those people that mean a lot to you?

    If you have not come out to those close to you in your life, do you still want to?

    Tell me your story and your opinions.
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