Miles (aka Siir Brock) Receives Backlash from Live Callers on Sway In The Morning

Discussion in 'Music and Podcasts' started by Nigerian Prince, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Hit play and it will begin at the 12:50 mark where the callers called in.

    Hey Cypher Avenue family,

    I was listening to the Sway In The Morning Interview featuring Miles (aka Siir Brock) from LHHH. I just had to post this on here because I feel that this one is one of his most candid interviews to date (if not the most candid). He really speaks on the love as well as the discrimination that he has received from all people, young and old, straight and gay, and so on. He speaks about his upbringing, suppressing his feelings about his sexuality and how he has come out and the positive and negative reactions he has gotten from people in his life as well as on social media.

    Sway In The Morning always has a segment where callers can call in live to ask the celebrity guests questions. When I tell you the things that the callers had to say just about him... it makes me so distraught. This is exactly why black men don't come out. I am glad though that Miles stood up for himself while the callers had things to say to him though.

    I seriously applaud Miles (aka Siir Brock) for what he has done because he has inspired a lot of people. He even gave courage to a Jamaican/Costa Rican dude, born JEHOVAH'S WITNESS, that I know the courage to come out to a family member.

    I will stand by his choices 100% and I wish him the best in all of his endeavors!
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