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    I had to be around 8 years old in late 90s. My Uncle who he unfortunately passed away, his ex girlfriend, and she was also my mothers friend as well, was this lightskinned/fair skin lady and so were her sons who were around my age. Her daughter who was a few years older than us was dark, like I am though.

    Anyways, I was having a slumber party with them right.

    It was a Friday night, and she gave us like 20 dollars so us bay bay's can go to Blockbuster and Peter Piper Pizza lol, and rent some movies/video games and get some pizza right.

    We ended up getting this video game right here called Fighter Destiny. It's like a bootleg Tekken/Virtua Fighter knockoff. With the Dennis Rodman impersonator, the flamboyant clown, and there is a drag queen who is the main boss lol. This was such a random game and it's on the N64 which is also underrated.

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