My Two New Obsessions.

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    We all know how my eyes like to travel as much as Trump's toupee does off his head. I love to look at men. Most of the time I won't do anything with men, I just like to look most of the time. I admire men. Their pecs, their physiques, their sculpted asses,dick, balls..etc...

    Though I'm not into bodybuilders I love me a toned man, period. I'm sure many of you are far more sexually experienced than I am, have been in the game longer and live in cities where guys like these are typical.

    From my view of things...I know if I want to fuck a man within ten seconds of meeting him. First five seconds I admire his body and then I pay attention to how he carries himself the remainder. While I do like handsome men, I don't like them "pretty." My bf never was the pretty type, just regular but sexy to me. While I do like a sexy body, that def will not keep me invested.

    However, I wouldn't just let a guy fuck me without confirmation that he had some sense of intellect & can make me laugh. This post however, is all about my hoe side which I love displaying these are two men who I would totally submit to sexually in a perfect world. This is based off first glance. I don't know anything about "how they really act".

    A.) Quennell
    Alright, this guy channels all my fantasies of being dominated by a man. He's not "pretty" and has a simple average face. It looks okay. No make-up or any of that I'm beautiful foolishness. His body is screams to be worshipped. He has a few strikes about him. He seems self absorbed and he is a huge tease imo but I'm not talking about that. So for all bedroom purposes I expect him to boss around and make me worship him in sexual ways...Just long as it's not nothing like gross or I saw his before pics where he was scrawny and nerdy. I swear I love nerds too. Swoon!! Lol I love the nerds that look so sweet in public but are vulgar monsters in the bedroom. Lol. He looks like he would fuck you senseless. Maybe all that nerd rage?? I wanna suck his nipples.

    B.) _thewonderkidd

    You already know how I rage about dark skinned bruthas. My peen sonar beeps when chocolate like this is near. I believe he is actually Blasian but anyways, he is a hottie. He's the type that looks like he's into lots of kinky stuff or light bondage in bedroom. The picture is so inviting. I always love when men take pictures like this. I could just fall between his legs. Look at that print. He using that Shea Moisture just right! He kinda has that energy ex porn star XL had. He's likely verse which is also sexy. He's the type that one minute your having conversations and the next you're tied up with his dick in your mouth. Unlike Quennell, this guy has taken nude shots showing his ass and portions of his peen.

    Anyways, these are my current thirst traps for this week or two.

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