Netflix Original; Full Metal Alchemist

Discussion in 'Movies and Shorts' started by alton, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Dude, did anyone else (Animé Fans) know about this?? I watched it last night and it's pretty f@#kin good. Its starts off kinda "eh", but it got really good toward the end. Of course they had to cut out a ton and a half of sh!t from the series to fit 2hrs, but still...they did a hell of a good job. I love how they portrayed 'Lust', 'Envy', and 'Gluttony'. and Al's suit was on point. If you haven't seen it yet (once you're past the utter epic-osity of Black Panther) check it out. LOL

    Side note* This also shows how some sh!t doesn't really translate too well to live action. Blond haired Ed looks ok animated, but ridiculous as a real person LOL.

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