Best Posts in Thread: Van Jones Just Schooled Jeffery Lord About Trump's Racism LIVE on CNN

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    Aug 12, 2015
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    Here is the some point Black folks need to stop attempting to educate and discuss with many white folks about racism, institutionalized racism, an unjust-justice system, white privilege, police brutality, slavery, what the Southern Confederate Army fought for and what the Confederate Flag stands for.

    Most of the time when these discussion come up, many white folks scream reverse racism and what about black on black crime. If PEOPLE (regardless of race) are not willing to have empathy for others, and attempt to step outside of their bubble, whats the point?

    Just look at this video. All Jeffery Lord cared about was talking on how the Democratic party when it was then controlled by white racists over 80 years ago. That is a fact but then these "Dixiecrats" went over to the Republican party. Political party aside the KKK terrorized and KILLED Black people...but that is lost on Jeffery all he cares about is what party they belonged to.