Woman claims pastor promised to heal her PTSD with sex

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    Amy looks like Jeff who works in the IT department....while she slept with a married man for over a year, now saying he raped her. Ma'am / Sir Bye!


    A San Diego woman claimed her former pastor tricked her into sex by claiming it would heal her post-traumatic stress disorder — and the pair filed dueling lawsuits against one another.

    Amy McClanahan and John Wright each filed lawsuits Jan. 16 admitting to a sexual relationship that from fall 2016 until October 2017 — but their accounts differed from there, reported KGTV-TV.

    The 24-year-old McClanahan says Wright, then a pastor at Mid-City Church of the Nazarene, singled her out because she was “vulnerable.”

    She alleges Wright offered to help heal her PTSD related to childhood sexual abuse, and they started meeting privately in 2016 — and the suit claims their relationship progressed from holding hands to kissing and then to sex.

    “He would say it was healing for me, healing my past trauma,” she told the TV station. “I foolishly believed him.”

    Wright also taught theology at Point Loma Nazarene University, which was not named in McClanahan’s lawsuit, but when asked about the suit a university spokeswoman said a complaint was filed against a faculty member in November.

    Outside experts hired by the university investigated the complaint, which was filed under Title IX, and McClanahan said she was prohibited by law from discussing the matter.

    Her lawsuit alleges sexual battery, rape, gender violence, sexual harassment and negligent supervision of the pastor.

    Wright, whose wife is also a pastor at Nazarene, claims in his suit that the sex was consensual, and he said McClanahan had illegally recorded confidential information and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

    The pastor said McClanahan agreed to keep their relationship secret, and he says he broke things off in October after she asked for an open relationship.

    Wright’s suit claims McClanahan illegally recorded a screen shot of his nude genitals and threatened his wife that she would make the photo public.

    She also allegedly recorded a conversation with Wright’s wife about the sexual relationship with her husband, according to the suit.

    Wright claims McClanahan was seeking revenge for the breakup, but the woman’s attorney said she was a victim.

    “He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said attorney Dan Gilleon. “He duped her into thinking he could somehow heal her and she went along with it, and in the process somehow got horribly injured.”

    Woman claims pastor promised to heal her PTSD with sex: ‘He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing’
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    .... I'm speechless. I have to say that if she is really that dense, then her healing sessions equate to trying to douse a fire with fire.
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    Michael B Jordan looks upset in Black Panther. I suspect he has a terrible case of hangnail. I plan to heal it with sex.

    Michael, let me help you. For only I, in my magnificent brilliance, have the cure. DM me for details and pics
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