WATCH: Episode #1 of New Black Gay Web Series “Freefall”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Dec 6 2012 | 10 Comments  


Last week the first episode of a new experimental web series, “Freefall”, focusing on the lives of everyday Gay men quietly premiered online. We’re kind of late sharing this one because since before its premiere we’d been in talks with filmmaker Lamont Pierré (My Brothers Keeper) on setting up an interview for Cypher Avenue. Well that interview happened last night and it was a good one; full of frank and honest talk about the series and the state of Gay film in general.In the meantime (for those who haven’t seen it yet), check out the first episode of the new series (embedded below) that was filmed in Atlanta starring newcomers Shamon Glaspy, Langston John Blaze and Joseph Fulton. Here’s the synopsis:

“A poorly paced Black gay web series set in Atlanta about men doing nothing but thinking about having sex with each other. Of course they also happen to be roommates.”

Again, no surprises here so far. The episode features the same laundry list of traits, characteristics and stereotypes we’ve come to expect from Gay black cinema (cheating boyfriends, promiscuous whores, hookups). However we’ve seen enough of Lamont Pierré’s previous work to hold out hopes for more depth and characterization within the series in the future.

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Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Lamont Pierré coming soon!

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  1. Coshamo | August 1st, 2013

    Freefall has potential. Why does everything about being gay has to start off with a sex scene? Everything is always about sex. It didn’t even build to a climax. It went from 0 to 60 in like 3 secs. That has to be the new record. It opens up with a fuck scene… literally a “fuck scene.” Not love, but str8 up fucking. No romance, just plays right into stereotypes – 2 dogs met on the street and started fucking. Calling it crude is an understatement. It made me want to cringe, but somehow I couldn’t. I just wanted to say is that all we can “write about?” There’s no writing skillz needed to produce a “sex scene” – just get in the bed and start fucking.

  2. Black Pegasus | August 1st, 2013

    Too soon for me to gauge the series. I will continue to watch because there is little else for the brothas.. Atleast the characters are somewhat easy on the eyes, and not overly effeminate.

    We’ll see how it develops.

  3. Mongo Slade | August 1st, 2013

    Bad script, bad acting, zero originality. We can already see where this is going. Sexy roommate moves in; drama and erotic high jinks ensue. I am not intrigued.

    One thing Noah’s Arc had going for it, despite its flaming femininity, was strong writing. There’s no substitute for a great script. Who cares how fine the actors are if they’re not doing or saying anything interesting? Based on what I saw, I couldn’t care less what happens next.

    One thing they got right is the title. If this preview is any indication of what’s to come, Freefall will also be its fate.

  4. Robfather-X | August 1st, 2013

    I can’t and won’t negatively judge this particular web series from the first episode alone. The characters have intrigued me so I want to know more. I’ll be looking for the next episode. And in my opinion, the first scene being a sex scene didn’t faze me. The writer/director apparently had reasons for it. I need to see other episodes before I can make any determination for liking this web series or not. Right now, I’m interested.

  5. Nino | August 1st, 2013

    Acting was shaky. Script was bad. Somehow though, I was entertained so I’ll continue watching. It’s only the first episode so it could always get better.

  6. Craig | August 1st, 2013

    Question: “What makes this web series any different from the other hundred web series about young black gay men?” Answer: Nothing at all, it was just okay, nothing to make me want to see another episode, best way I can say it is “Those that can do and those that can’t want to”, it’s no DL Chronicles and has a long way to go, I’d give them an E for EFFORT. It was too stereotypical and predictable.

  7. MrRotten | August 1st, 2013

    I’m glad that there is a new offering of shows catering to us brothas but I don’t want to see a show with perfectly coiffed, fit, sexy semi-porn stars to make me feel like I’m being entertained. I’ll watch it to show my support, but just like any other show as soon as I catch a whiff of some fuckery or a hackneyed storyline I’m out.

  8. Harry Brown | August 1st, 2013

    I thought it was good… not overacted… not stereotypish… genuine and clean. I’d like to see more.

  9. Wade | August 1st, 2013

    i liked it. so very true keep up the good work.

  10. Tom | October 13th, 2015

    Models: ShaMon, Jody and Langston. Langston, one of the key actors in the original series left for another production that never got off the ground called INSIDE. I found this out talking to the prouder of that series. (It’s a shame it is not listed here).

    The series took a totally different direction after this. Season one came with Chad, TYson, Tony, Ray, Nico, etc.

    I believe TYSON character was what allow FREEFALL to take a different direction, because the storyline was centered around him.

    I feel FREEFALL lost it direction after the old man was shot and SEASON 2 brought in Saleem. At this point, I hope they conclude this series with TYson being caught, since that is what FREEFALL became.

    In short, Xavier Rehabilitation was never really explored. The issue with the rape that occurred was not solved as well. These are both very important issues and that was a missed opportunity. Too much time has gone for these issues to be important. My brother’s keeper (where Freefall came from) would solve matter in 2 episodes, but nothing here.

    Now I see Cam is an “Educator” and Tyson is seeking assistance in getting his G.E.D. We have not even seen TYSON’s girlfriend and child and the situation going on with that.

    I’ve been pretty much done, but I wish them much success.

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