WATCH: Episode 2 of Down-Low Web Series “T.R.A.D.E. It All”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Sep 19 2013 | 9 Comments  


Here’s episode two of the web series, “T.R.A.D.E. It All” with at least a couple masculine men with everyday lives. More characters and more soap opera type storylines added. If you like those kind of web series then this one may be for you.

Here’s the synopsis:

As TRADE, the newest night club to hit Atlanta’s sexy nightlife prepares for its premiere, Jayden Woodard, a recently divorced father and owner of independent record label “The Grind” creates a link between ten prominent individuals involved in the entertainment industry that unlock The Reality About Downlow Experiences.

These individuals being prominent figures in Atlanta are faced with a constant struggle to keep their down-low lives and sexuality a secret, to maintain their illustrious careers, but when it becomes too much the question lingers, would you Trade it all?


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  1. Wes | September 20th, 2013


    First off, I just got finished watching the episode2 and immediately came by here to see what you had to say. And didn’t see a post for it at first but came back later and here it is! lol!
    There are no words really, except that again its the same ole’ bullshit-filled stories about a bunch of black somewhat-well-to-do closeted folk that wanna take down each other by exposing their private lives, insert a few female action and voile! SMH…
    Stop right there! CAN WE PLEASE LEARN TO TELL A STORY THAT’S NOT ABOUT GAY-LIFE based IN ATL? Are there NO other places or CITIES to tell a story about DL/life besides ATL? Hell, I never really stayed in ATL, I’ve only been thru there by way of visiting somewhere else and I’m literally afraid to go visit from all the horror stories I hear all the time~LOL!But I digress… As usual, the story is a bit hard to follow from skipping and being all over the place, not to mention the terrible AUDIO(YO Wassup with the technical difficulties man?) that whole dance scene with the 2people rehearsing was wasted from not being able to hear what they were saying! That alone annoyed me! Then the actual horrible acting and over reacting itself ruined whatever climax or hope one was waiting for. I don’t know a thing about acting, but I know you’re supposed to hit your marks when the director yells “ACTION” its as if they knew the cameras where there and wanted you to know to! WTH!
    I’m done…

  2. Ocky Williams | September 20th, 2013

    I’m tired…just tired. I will never apologize for completely disliking and hardly watching black gay web series. This shit here is the typical example as to why. Tired.

  3. JohnnyRVA | September 20th, 2013

    I didn’t even bother watching it, because with popular stereotypical
    gay black phrases like “trade”, and “down low” in the title of the episode,
    I already knew that it was going to be trifling. I think for now I will
    just stick to watching short films like “The Gift”, that was pretty dope.

    • hannibal
      Hannibal | September 20th, 2013

      I just find the title to be incredibly obnoxious.

  4. Dre G | September 20th, 2013

    WATCH: Episode 2 of Down-Low Web Series

    no thanks

  5. D.W. | September 20th, 2013

    Easiest way to put it, this is the worst shit I have ever watched in my life.

  6. jmafia | September 25th, 2013

    I normally like the web series but this one right here….. T.R.A.S.H. IT ALL

  7. Sage
    Sage | September 24th, 2015

    I tried to get into it, but couldn’t. Could not understand much of the dialogue due to sound quality. It would be nice to see a web series that did not revolve around secrets and lies, but those concepts do pay the bills.

    The second episode of the Pre-Lude was not available for viewing. Eventually, I realized that the shorter episodes were intended to launch the longer episodes. It’s just not working for me.

    I’m pulling for the continued growth and inspiration of the series creator.

  8. Tom | October 9th, 2015

    Trade It All is good. Kind of reminds me of Freefall.

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