Uh, okay this one is tricky because many gay men are attractive with nice bodies. They even go as far as to literally shave the hair from their bodies. Its only because men are very visual, superficial creatures and we realize to get an in-shape man you have to be in-shape yourself. This is also the reason you find a higher percentage of gay men over straight men working out in the gym. However, the majority of masculine gay men out there are pretty average, below average or just plain disgusting. Unfortunately, the muscled model dudes are the coveted ones and get the most attention, even from non-gays, so they tend to stand out and tend to “represent” the rest of us. It’s gotten so bad that even when I see a heterosexual man that seems overly “pretty and attractive” I automatically assume he gets down in some form or fashion.

Okay, this is mostly true. Many gay relationships don’t last, plain and simple. There are many guys who have had a two-week “relationship” and considered that “long-term”. Gay guys are too picky, too distracted, have too high expectations and move too fast. I’ll even go on record and say that I’ve never been in a relationship with another dude. But believe it or not, some men actually do stick it out for the long haul. Take Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear, creators of the awesome yet short lived series “The D.L. Chronicles”, possibly the only “celebrity” masculine, openly gay couple we have. They’ve been in a committed relationship for going on 17 years.

While many feminine gay men are heavily into fashion, the masculine gays are still playing catch up in this area. Don’t get me wrong, we like to look good, but we don’t spend as much time on doing so as the stereotypes suggest. This may be due to the negative stigma placed on men that are into fashion. Regardless, many masculine gay men would not be winning any awards or be featured in magazine spreads when it comes to what they wear on a daily basis (myself included). Club and/or party nights on the other hand, we know how to clean up very well.

You wouldn’t believe how many Gay grease-monkeys are out there. Even I am quick to get under the hood or jack up my whip on occasion to check on a strange noise, install new brakes or change a flat tire. Masculine Gay men are not entirely adverse to getting a little dirty.

Contrary to what black books, movies and gossip websites would have you think, being masculine and gay is not a dastardly pretend-act to infect men and women with the HIV virus. Statistically, when a person has multiple sexual partners, they increase the risk of not only contracting a sexually transmitted disease like HIV but also infecting their multiple partners as well. So homosexuality is not to blame, promiscuity is the culprit.

– Nick D