With audiences appetites for content becoming increasing insatiable, the cell phone video app VINE offers us even more ways to waste time. The software allows users to create and submit 6-second looping videos for other users to either “Like”, “Revine” or comment on…On paper this sounds very ho-hum. Once you scroll through the app yourself, the experience quickly becomes very addictive.

The best part about Vine is witnessing increasing creativity from the “Viners.” Some content creators use the 6-second limitation as a tool, others use the looping aspect of the videos…Like Facebook and Twitter, different people use the Vine app for their own purposes. The content ranges from hilarious to jaw dropping to erotic.

If you’re new to the app (or even already familiar with it), this list will give you just a sample of some of the best content featuring people of color that the app showcases.

1. King Bach

Holding a solid 3.9 Million Vine followers, comedic actor Andrew Bachelor is quite possibly the most recognizable and prolific Viner of them all. He creates so many elaborate and off-the-wall videos it makes you wonder where he finds the time to simultaneously produce videos for his YouTube channel and also work on building his FIlm/TV acting career (he’s currently developing a sketch comedy show for BET). The minute after you install the Vine app onto your cell phone, he’s the first person you should follow.

2. Simone Shepherd

It would be unfair to the sexy Simone Shepherd to call her the female equivalent to King Bach, but she’s just as prolific and funny on the app (also with over 1 million followers). The great thing about many of the Black American Viners that living in Los Angeles is they often cameo in each others videos. Simone never fails in providing her followers with laughs and black male eye candy.

As you’ve noticed, Vines loop back to the beginning every 6-seconds. Some indie rappers and artists use this to their advantage with the help of music and special effects. Click on the next page to see this in action.