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Marvel’s Hip Hop Covers 

This past summer Marvel announced and released images of their hip hop inspired variant comic covers that have been debuting each week in October. Admittedly I wasn’t to enthused being that I haven’t been interested in Marvel comics in years. The initial Marvel Knights reboot…


Cypher Avenue Music: LASTO 

THE CYPHER AVENUE MUSIC SERIES As the Pop-Culture Expert here on Cypher Avenue, I’ve been meaning to start a series of posts showcasing music by Gay/Bisexual artists that I dig for one reason or another. I wanted to start this back when we launched in…

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The Top 10 Blockbuster Films I’ve Only Seen Once 

Replay Value is a term that is used by reviewers and critics in the video game industry. It basically means after you’ve played and completed a game, is the game fun and entertaining enough to entice you to play it again. However the term Reply Value can also be applied to music and movies. For this featured list, we will apply it to big budget blockbuster Hollywood movies.