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    Aug 21, 2015
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    I have considered it.
    I have opened up to it.
    I'm now exploring it.

    When I shared this post back then, I'm was low key intrigued by the idea. I did some Google research and a lot of the articles and forums and Reddit I have read had people who expressed similar feelings that I have had for a while. A couple of conversations about past events and relationships and I had an "ah ha" moment that I could possibly be dormantly poly.

    Rereading this article now and I can relate to it a lot more than 2 and a half years ago.I think this is something you have to actually be in to understand and then you'll "get it". Maybe not exactly a triad deal but polyamory has different forms and meanings that will be unique to that set of people and each subset within. There's no one exact way to go about it.

    Being at point now where I was like "Why not? Let me just see while I'm unattached" and meeting someone who is already into these types of relationships and us hitting it off rather well, has opened the opportunity for me to try it out.

    In my situation, we're still working on establishing our base with each other and going from there. We have boundaries that we be both agreed upon. I am OK to meet new people and present them and vice versa. If there's mutual interest we can proceed. If not, they get tossed back into the pond.

    I acknowledge that it is definitely hard enough to find ONE. However going into this from the jump actually makes it easier for me because I don't have to feel awkward about bringing it up later or sitting back wondering about it and never acting on it. This way I can scratch the itch. If this isn't going to be for me then at least I'll have tried it. If it is then I'll know that what I was thinking about all this time was the right feeling all along.

    Keeping the lines of communication open and being honest about and with ourselves has been very freeing and having established a No Judgement Zone we're free to say what we need and desire and it will be OK.

    So with that I can say don't knock it until you've tried it. I know now monogamy works. I have done it and adhered to it. I know I could go back to it if I had to but since I don't have to right now, I'm going to enjoy this current journey and see where it takes me.