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    Sep 14, 2015
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    I watched this and some of the questions did leave me like WTF while others left me with the feeling of "well..." I also think that a lot of it was coming from a sarcastic place as well, yet because we are so strong and prideful in our blackness that a lot of people take offense to it.

    Questions that were asked were very true to our ignorance and self hate. "Why can't we acknowledge that there are many types of black people?" That's a question that stuck out to me because of the fact that a lot of black people and non black people don't acknowledge the fact that black people can be multifaceted.

    I was recently talking with a coworker about a persons authenticity in what's considered to be black. For him the stereotypical black person came to mind as loud, outspoken, and "ghetto". I asked him does he expect that behavior from me, as he's gotten to know me over the last year and a half and it left him kind of stuck because he couldn't. I explained to him, that type of black person is just one of the personalities that black people have. I pointed out to him that would you believe I grew up in the hood, literally jumped the fence and grew up with kids from the projects? He would have never guessed it because it's not the "type" of black person I decide to portray in my adult life. Even explained to him that my current way of speaking is not even what I come from. I think in that conversation I opened his eyes to the fact that I acknowledge that there are many types of black people and that were are not what a lot of us people of color tend to portray or have been portrayed as overall.