50 Cent Mocked Terry Crews's Sexual Assault in Now-Deleted Instagram Post

Discussion in 'Mental, Medical and Sexual Health' started by OckyDub, Jun 28, 2018.

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    My favorite rapper non-rapper is acting up again. I thought I was giving him all the attention he needed but apparently he still craves internet / media attention. Although Terry Crews annoys me...this was unnecessary.
    50 Cent attacks people on social media so often, you’d swear he was an unemployed 25-year-old living in his mother’s basement. So antagonistic is he that “50 Cent Mocks...” is practically an online headline subgenre. He mocked an autistic teen. He mocked Kanye West for getting lipo. He’s mocked Rick Ross dozens of times, including a Rocky IV reference many interpreted as openly hoping for Ross’s death after Ross had been admitted to a hospital in May. He’s posted revenge porn and been sued multiple times, most recently by Teairra Mari. He often resorts to homophobia when dissing rivals like Ja Rule and Diddy.

    In public, 50 is a troll as much as he is anything.

    So on one hand, it’s not exactly shocking that on Instagram 50 mocked Terry Crews, who testified Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, recounting the story of his 2017 sexual assault by WME agent Adam Venit. On the other hand, this asshole just mocked a guy who testified about being sexually assaulted. The post was deleted a few hours after it went up on Tuesday, but Deadline has a screenshot:


    Deadline also notes, “The rapper-turned actor has a record of bashing people on Twitter—and sometimes these are posted shortly after or before the debut of a major project.” The new season of Power, the STARZ show that 50 stars in and produces, is to premiere in a few days.

    A pap from TMZ caught Crews yesterday and asked him about the post. Crews responded, “I love 50 Cent, man. I listen to him when I’m working out. And that’s the deal. I love him...I prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault.”

    In May, 50 Cent claimed he was leaving Instagram after posts of his had been censored. Too bad he didn’t live up to his word.

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    And this is exactly the reason men don't come out about being abused in anyway. They get mocked when they need help.
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