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    Apr 27, 2016
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    Is that Android? Whew, the ghetto....haha jk. But my first and only two serious relationships were long-distance. The first was 2 years, the second like 8-9 months. It was tolerable when I was younger but I was also lucky enough to have relatively easier access to them than you do, currently.

    Even just being a few years older, my tolerance for it has quickly declined. I don't mind starting off that way or even having it woven into our relationship due to careers but we need to have a gameplan. I'm not doing long-distance indefinitely with a to-be-determined cessation date.

    If he has no plans of moving anytime soon and neither do you, I'd think a little harder about pursuing it further. It sucks when you find that connection with someone and unfortunately, I feel like it's becoming a lot more common to end up in situations like these. But shit, what did Erykah Badu say? "I guess, I'll see you next lifetime." lmao

    To your previous point, it definitely does slow down the process of understanding if you are truly compatible so there is a level of risk. And that was a bold ass but real ass statement lmao. That sounds like something I would say.