African King's Memorial Day Weekend 2018 in ATL - Part I

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    Thursday - Where do I begin?! I arrived in town with a friend of mine on Thursday morning before Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) where we spent time with a good friend of mine in his loft downtown. He cooked a four course meal damn near on the spot over the course of a few hours. We just really enjoyed each other’s company talking about his birthday trip to Nigeria, dating and relationships, current events, and what our plans for the weekend were. After spending time with my friend, we went to Escobar Restaurant and Lounge, which is owned by the Atlanta-based rapper 2 Chainz, because a friend of ours that does work as a party promoter on the side invited us to come and chill in his VIP section. We had a great time just mixing and mingling with others. We drank and vibed out to the music from the amazing DJ for the first part of the evening before stepping out to wrap up our night at Bulldogs Bar. In true ATL fashion we had to hit up Waffle House after we left the club then we went home.

    Friday – we woke up super late in the day and chilled at home after a long night out. That evening, my twin brother and I along with our friend from Houston hit up the only lesbian bar in Atlanta called My Sister’s Room for a comedy show. Our friend that we saw that returned from Nigeria yesterday had joined us too. Before the show began, I decided to have my first alcoholic beverage in 7 years. My friends were so surprised and could not believe what was going on but I wanted MDW 2018 to be different I guess so I figured why not. We got to the second floor of the bar and vibed with the amazing music from the DJ until the opening acts hit the stage. The show was hilarious and it featured openly gay comedians in addition to the headliner, Sampson McCormick, who has been featured on Cypher Avenue previously. After going to the comedy show, we hit the streets to see what was going on at Einstein’s in Midtown Atlanta. There were so many fine men everywhere for MDW 2018 and the music was great and everyone seemed to be enjoyed the conversations they were having with their friends. The drinks were flowing and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. My twin brother and I greeted quite a few guys that we’ve seen out and about from different events. We even met some new people, which was cool. My friends and twin brother kept laughing at me and were shocked because I was on my third drink for the evening by this time just before midnight and I was finishing them so fast! I kept on telling them it felt like I was not tipsy or drunk at all! We spent some more time until just after midnight to check out the Truth nightclub just down the street from Einstein’s. We spent maybe 30 minutes in there and it was just not live at all. The DJ was not really moving the crowd and the majority of the people in there looked like they used a fake ID to get in (like they were 21 and under) so we decided to take a trip and hit MIXX nightclub. MIXX was LIT from the moment we stepped in the door. The music was right, the place was packed out and the four of us really looked forward to having an amazing time. Maybe about an hour into the night at MIXX we saw a friend from Liberia that we bumped into at Einstein’s some hours before and he introduced us to a friend of his. When his friend stepped into the strobe light where I could see him, I was in awe. I just thought he was so handsome and he dressed very comfortably but he was as cute as ever. I just found myself so drawn to him. I immediately introduced myself then I got his name and found out that he was in his early 40s, mixed with Nigerian and Liberian and that he was visiting from the northeastern part of the U.S. I pretty much grabbed him and did not let go all night long. Little by little we learned more about one another by talking over the music with our lips to each other’s ears. As the club was coming to a close, my friend’s were eyeing me and they just thought the two of us were so cute. While dancing, we even had a random guy approach us and tell us that he thought the both of us looked so cute together. After the club, we chatted it up more and our fingers were interlocked standing outside of MIXX. Then we went our separate ways. He went home then I followed my friends to join some new people we met while at MIXX to go to this chicken sausage stand spot not too far from MIXX and we all had great conversations and shared a lot of laughs. It was probably eight of us in there having a late night bite. After that, we got home around 6am to sleep and do it all over again!

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