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    I was on Twitter earlier looking at half naked men as usual when I ran across a post from a guy that follows me. It was a picture of a flyer he got for a sex party. It was a special invitation I assume. I always make jokes about gay men and their sex parties, Martin Luther King Freaknik, Halloween Hoedown Tricks Inside Treats, Thanksgiving Thot Throwdown, Jingle Balls Booty Bash, etc. However, he was stressing a very interesting line on the flyer that was in bold. It read: NO OVERWEIGHT DUDES OR UGLY DUDES ALLOWED.

    I didn't think to get a snapshot of the flyer at the time but I ran towards a commenter after reading what he said which was something along the lines: "It is their preference and they have the right to post that but people who feel offended should go and make their own party."

    I genuinely have a problem with this flyer and I am not overweight in the slightest nor have I been deemed as unattractive. I kind of feel the flyer was being discriminatory. I've never been to a sex party and don't plan on going to one but I don't have anything against people that do or anything. I just feel gay people can be a bit too much sometimes. Like I was wondering why they had to go that far? Would it be fair if Chick-Fil-A all over said, "Gays can't eat our chicken."

    I know they do the same thing on Grindr though so I shouldn't be too surprised but it's just so raw (no pun) how they are about it. It's rather rude and does kinda mess with folks esteem and what not.
    Have any of you sex party goers ever received flyers like this with raging discrimination? Should this be called out when it appears?
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