Don't get your hopes up about Chicago's first black lesbian mayor

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    This was something I never thought about, interesting perspective.

    While the election of Lori Lightfoot made history, many fear she will simply maintain the status quo

    Year of the lesbian mayor?
    On Tuesday Lori Lightfoot made history when she was elected the first openly LGBTQ and black female mayor of Chicago.

    Lightfoot’s landslide victory was roundly celebrated as a win for diversity and progress. “A black lesbian taking power in the nation’s third-largest city is a historic moment for so many communities that are too often ignored in American politics,” said Annise Parker, the director of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and the former mayor of Houston. Parker also noted that a number of other lesbians had had political wins across America and speculated that 2019 might be “the year of the lesbian mayor”.

    Lightfoot herself positioned her win as the beginning of a new and improved Chicago. “Little girls and boys are watching,” the 56-year-old told a crowd at her election party. “And they’re seeing the beginning of something, well, a little bit different.”

    Representation matters: it’s hard to be what you can’t see. A gay black woman leading America’s third-largest city is a big deal, there’s no doubt about that. However, while representation matters, it’s important to ask what Lightfoot actually represents. For many Chicago activists, Lightfoot, and her far-from-progressive record as a corporate lawyer and federal prosecutor, doesn’t represent the “beginning of something a little bit different” but the continuation of an oppressive status quo.

    “Black queer Chicagoans, especially those who are low-income, don’t merely predict oppressed people will suffer under the Lightfoot administration but know it,” wrote Benji Hart, a Chicago-based writer and educator in the Advocate. Hart argued that Lightfoot’s “record already demonstrates a commitment to gentrification, disinvestment from poor communities of color, and impunity for an ever more militarized police force”.

    A campaign called #StopLightfoot further explains that while Lightfoot has run “extensively on her lesbian identity, her stances on policing and rent control fall into a legacy of decades-old anti-gay and anti-trans political suppression. Lightfoot’s plan to expand police presence in the city … and transform 38 closed public schools into mini-cop academies should concern every LGBTQ person in Chicago.”

    Lightfoot is an important reminder that having more women and minorities in positions of power means very little if they’re simply leaning into an unfair status quo. Chicago’s new mayor seems to be an example of Diversity™. Like corporate feminism, Diversity™ focuses on the achievements of individuals versus meaningful systemic change. It celebrates difference as long as it’s not actually trying to do anything too different.
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    Lesbuns taking over for the 19 and 2020.
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    Lightfoot was the lesser of two evils. Her opponent, Preckwinkle, was the black equivalent of Richard Daley (take your pick, father or son). Her election was the black/liberal equivalent of the 2016 MAGA vote: throwing out dynasties (Rahm Emmanuel, the Daley family, Baby Boomer black politicos) by going with an outlier. Most black voters in Chicago DID NOT initially vote for Lightfoot OR Preckwinkle, black voters overwhelmingly went with local black business leader Willie Wilson. I REALLY hated Preckwinkle and the Kwame Kilpatrick type of politics she represents, so I cheered for Lightfoot in the second runoff election (It’s Chicago, we vote twice lol). No candidate, especially Lightfoot and Preckwinkle, had a realistic economic plan to deal with Chicago’s massive debt obligations and poor bond rating, which is ultimately going to destroy the city.

    TLDR takeaway: I predict Lightfoot will be an underwhelming, mediocre, one-term mayor. For you NYers of a certain age, she’s our new David Dinkins. With a black lesbian mayor and a dollar, you can buy a cup of coffee....

    Also, even thought Lightfoot is lightweight on planning, her AOC type critics are even more clueless than her. Idiot socialists need to a) take math courses b) study 20th century history and remember the 100 million human beings of all races that lost their lives because of socialism, from Stalin to Pol Pot...
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    Ok I didn't really want to up and celebrate that Chicago had elected such a person at first. I wanted to see what she was about outside her race and orientation. And from what I've read, I okay with not living in Chicago. But on the other side of the coin, if it's like choosing Hilary over the Donald, then I'd reluctantly pick her too.
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