Down in the Valley Where the Girls Get Naked

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    P-Valley was off my radar until I saw episode one. I was thoroughly entertained most definitely with the girls. When I say girls I do mean CIS women who are the centralized focused of the series. Each woman has a story and all work together at a club called the Pynk as dancers- pole and strippers. There is some LGBTQIA representation here and his name is "Uncle" Clifford and a DL rapper named Lil Murda. This relationship I'm not very connected to or vested. My draw and interest are with the women and watching their wild acrobatic performances on that pole. Hey, I am a man and thoroughly enjoyed watching. There is something gritty in the storyline and presently binging season one before my Starz free trial off expires. Here's to keeping it real as this series. Shout out to Patrik Ian-Polk as he is an EP and a creative on P-Valley. Looking forward to seeing season two.

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