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    So I decided to make this thread for the artists who want to post their work mixed eroticism or sexual situations. Whether it be cartoon, 3D, or written. I had recently did some renders of two men doing adult things and decided to be a digital manwhore for a moment while I take a break from my main work. I do plan on trying my hands at girl on girl and hetero renders as well.

    I'm a writer that sticks with scifi-fantasy/horror type stuff but I've written at least two old stories that were filled with ummm graphic stuff( one bisexual and the other gay themed). Sadly, I don't have those copies anymore. Anywho, I might start up again. I also do 3D renders as a hobby and though why not do it like posts until a comic is released by one of the other members @Rico ...lol

    Each post will be a scenario and can be written or other kind of art. It can build off a previous post or be a new scenero like this as one of my latest renders:

    Scenario I

    It was the stroke of midnight and he had just entered me. Sliding deep into my valley, the sweat flowing down his chest, bouncing off his stomach against my ass like warm rain.


    Fighting against my movements. I pushed him back, but he push forward. He was determined to reach his destination.

    He kept climbing my mountains with a penetrating persistence that would never end. He kept climbing my mountains until he finally reached his peak.
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