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    Is anyone still in contact with a friend from high school? I know many of your high school days have well passed but is there anyone you clicked with in High School that you still talk to or have seen?

    If you were asked to come back to your class reunion would you?

    How do you think your former classmates would receive or view you after all these years?

    If they asked you about your relationship life and how are the wife and kids, would you flat out tell them you are into men or would you divert the question or just have that "I'm not really looking for a relationship right now" face and reply?

    I noticed sometimes we can get hung up on questions about where them wife and kids at....

    I'm a registered peen offender now y'all!!!

    What about the guy that you had a crush on in High School, how does he look now if you've seen him.

    If you had any bullies in high school, what do they look like now?
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