GOP candidate pardoned by Trump tweets homophobic meme

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    After President Donald Trump pardoned former reality show star and convicted felon Angela Stanton-King she announced her run for Congress, challenging civil rights leader and Democratic U.S. Rep. John Lewis for his Georgia seat.

    Stanton-King announced her candidacy on Friday, running on a so-called “ProLIFE” platform.

    That same day she posted a violent anti-LGBTQ meme depicting a rainbow-colored graphic of an arm with a hand pointing a gun, finger on the trigger, not just at someone’s head but shoved into the back of it, assassination or “execution-style.” The apparent intended victim also happens to be wearing a Christian cross.

    Presumably, the message is LGBTQ people are violent murderers.

    Any suggestion LGBTQ people are by and large pedophiles who are demanding the right to rape children is not only false, but disgusting.

    Here is a screenshot of the tweet, which currently can be found here. Her tweet reads: “Enough is Enough,” with an #LGBTQ hashtag.


    Stanton-King posted the disgusting tweet at 8:59 AM Friday. Less than one hour later, at 10:48 AM, she announced her candidacy for the U.S. Congress:

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