How to Tell If He's Interested

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    Hey guys, WORD WALL AHEAD!!!

    Soo I had an encounter with a guy while taking public transportation last winter that made want to ask the question, how can you tell that a guy is not just being polite or friendly but is legit checking for you??

    Last winter I had just made to the train station on my way back from class when this guy comes in not too long after me and starts chatting me up while we wait for the train. Nothing unusual about that but right off the bat I could just feel like their was more to what he wanted then just small talk.

    He asked me where I lived and what I did(I gave him very vague details of course) and then when I mentioned I went to a specific high school he recognized it and said nephew went there, and noted the pullover I had on under my coat. (The pullover's hood was peaking out and it's the school's color purple)

    Then without every warning or invitation, this guy reaches out and unzipped my coat to I guess see if it was from the school. It wasn't and promptly reached back and zipped me up again..I was momentarily stunned because I wasn't really expecting it.

    He then talks about being a personal trainer and how he sprained an ankle playing basketball and then he gets on the ground right in front of me and just lays there on the germ ridden MARTA subway floor for a few minutes. People staring at Both of us (he's still trying to talk) and all the while I'm just sitting there like:


    Finally the train comes after a while as I say a hurried good bye and causal dip before he can say everything else.

    Now I've never been in a relationship before and I find that it's difficult for me to tell if/when a guy is coming on to me so I need yall's opinion on this..was that kinda weird to you?!? I didn't want to be rude or anything but he was...odd...a handsome brotha a few years older than me but I honestly didn't know what to think afterwards...sorry if this got too long!

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