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    Whenever I talk to people and they ask me what I do for a living I say that I am in the Foreign Service. The usual response is "what is that?" I then have to break it down further and say that I am a United States Diplomat and that get requires further explanation. Well today friends, I am going to give you US Diplomacy 101.

    Diplomats represent a country in an official capacity. That means they are charged by oath and decree to speak and act for a particular state (Country). Diplomats perform a wide range of jobs and act in a variety of capacities. In the United States Foreign Service Officer have five fundamental functions (1) Political, meaning acting in the political sphere between states (countries) doing everything from negotiation treaties to informing countries that we are going to war, (2) Public Diplomacy, meaning going into a foreign country and learning everything about it from politics to art to music, i.e., learning about culture, (3) Economic, this speaks for itself, these officers deal with all things economic, primarily trade but its deeper then just that, (4) Management, these officers deal will all foreign assets, i.e., buildings, people, personnel managements, ports, they deal will everything that America owns overseas and they also management it all, (5) Consular Service, these officers are the people you meet working at the front desk of the US facility you go to when you are abroad, they stamp your passport, they get you out of jail when you are locked up abroad, they facilitate foreign adoptions, foreign marriages, they evacuate you when there are problems. The consular service is quite possibly the most important. All of it is aimed at protecting Americans abroad and representing the United States as an entity in the International Community.

    For me, I am in the political track. I have attached a video that explains it further.

    I write this posting because I think more black Americans should consider a career that prides itself on representing America to the world. The people that do this should be reflective of America. The United States Department of State is by far the most LGBT/SGL friendly department in the entire federal government and offer so much support for its people and families. Blacks and minorities are underrepresented. It offers an opportunity to travel the world, meet new people, experience different cultures, and represents the United States. It also comes with diplomatic immunity, LOTS of benefits, and a decent living where you earn enough money to live off of one persons income. Just a thought from this International Relations nerd!


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