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    So during this quarantine period I went on this full search for Black gay content on YouTube. Ranging from black gay couples, black gay coming out stories, black gay lives in other countries and I just randomly saved them to my 'Watch Later' folder. As I was going through them I found this video, which I thought was a Black gay podcast, because of the Thumbnail.

    To be honest when I saw it was a Rap video, esp with a UK rapper(or any rapper) I thought 'here we go again,what's this Ghetto rapper going to say about gays this time?' and I pressed play. Wow, I was surprised when he was rapping about being gay. I don't know UK rap slang's and first thought I was not hearing correctly until I went to the comments and folks were talking about his sexuality. More power to this young man. The UK rap scene is still very homophobic and even the black culture there, and I am happy to see this young man trying to change that.

    Side note: The interviewer thighs:diddydatazz:lol

    I don't listen to UK rap/grime/trap scene to be honest they all sound the same to me. I can't differentiate between Skepta, Jhud or Stormzy. I do know of all UK rappers Stormzy is the one that has apologized for his homophobic comments:
    Stormzy apologises for using homophobic slurs in tweets unearthed from 2012 | Metro News
    He even went as far( not just words) as to play(cameo)the best friend of a Fem gay guy on Michaela Coel, British sitcom'Chewing Gum'.

    I think homeboy can rap and I would love to see him kill the rap scene in the UK. Let him be the lil Nas X, of the UK.

    Here are some interviews links with him;
    'A lot of hate comes with being a gay drill rapper'
    Mr Strange discusses Stormzy and homophobia on Good Morning Britain after viral hit | Metro News
    Drill's first openly gay rapper Mr Strange talks toxic masculinity, adversity and awareness: "I don’t conform and I'm doing just fine" | NME

    I do hope his talent gets to shine through and overtake all the other UK rappers and they get to acknowledge his rapping skill. I wish homeboy the best and will definitely show support every way I can.
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    Dude has such a pretty smile. Good on him for coming out and good for the community.
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