#MeToo...and Three...and Four...and Five.

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    So it's random post time again. I feel these topics need to get out there yet. Today's topic is about rape. I know the Metoo.topic was touched upon...but hey..I felt like doing a talk about rape as well.

    I'm not talking about roleplay with Trey Songz as the burglar and me as the defenseless homeowner. I'm talking about the sudden surge of #metoo confessions.

    So in today's session of Fantastic Perverts and Where To Find Them, we tackle the Male Witch.

    A vile old crusty man, usually over 50 that preys on young absent minded individuals just looking for a break in life. The media loves painting men as evil spawns of Satan that prey on beautiful (or not so beautiful as they believe) women and young children.

    But since vaginas are mysterious pods of mystical power....maybe they have a claim.

    And so do gay men since Topher Dimiaggo (or however you spell it) is being accused of rape by three men...but he ain't old and crusty...I mean hear he's vile and rude but he's young...

    So since it happened long ago and I dont care really. I was sorta almost raped by one of my old friend's boyfriend who had just got out of jail.

    Of course, my friend at the time wasn't at home and I was staying over and his place while his "boyfriend of the week" was there...

    He made a lot of passes at me and of course I was totally nonchalant (Ive always been meh towardd guys hitting on me every now and then for whatever particular reason) but he kept following me around the apartment and then he tried to play wrestle with me, which eventually led to him pinning me down and him saying, "If I wanted to I could take it from you." and then he got up and left. I never said a word about that incident & I won't go into detail as to why. This might sound like some hot BreedItRaw fantasy for most folks but it was a bit surreal...

    And then I had my perverted college professor that told me sometimes you have to "do things" to get ahead in life...

    Umm yeah.. whatever.

    There more I could tell but I'll keep it at a minimum.

    So now that we are seeing a surge of folks coming out and saying they were a victim and getting all of this coverage media attention...

    It got me thinking about the folks who are still silent.

    Since we have so many Male Witches out here and even more innocent women that they prey on.. Do you have any experiences with the Male Witch putting a spell on you with his magic wand? Are you an innocent White Woman who can't say No and click her heels fast enough to flee? Font.

    Note: This can be taken very light-hearted in some parts if you know me, which is obvious but some parts can be taken literally as well.
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