Movies with casts that are half non-white are making more $$$$?

Discussion in 'Movies and Shorts' started by ColumbusGuy, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Well it may not be about Oscars but if this is correct it looks to be a good trend and may lead to more diversity in films.

    Interesting though when they talked about 'audiences punching above their weight' they mentioned hispanics and asians..not blacks. Also they mention the growing overseas market especially China, but talk about adding more Chinese because of that.

    Do you think that this bodes well for blacks also or is 'diversity' just going to be a direct response to who will bring in the most $$$$(and if that is more asian or hispanics then so be it?)

    Is this a rising tide that will raise all boats?

    How much do you contribute to movie sales $$$ wise?
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