NYC police crush man’s testicle — but cops say he injured himself running from robbery he didn’t com

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    So this is the only pic they could find huh?
    A Brooklyn man lost a testicle after police burst into an apartment seeking another man, and then repeatedly kicked his groin when he walked away from them.

    Corey Green underwent emergency surgery after the incident Saturday night at a friend’s apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, reported the New York Post.

    The 32-year-old Green, who works as an exterminator, had just returned to the apartment when police came to look for a suspect who robbed a Chinese takeout worker.

    Police pointed a gun at Green and ordered him to stand outside the apartment in a lineup because officers claimed he had run away from the scene of the robbery.

    The victim identified another man in the lineup, and Green walked away.

    His lawyer said police grabbed Green by the shoulder and neck, threw him to the ground and one officer repeatedly kicked his genitals.

    Green’s father said his son was seriously injured in the attack and required immediate medical attention.

    “It was inhumane — it was done to inflict a powerful pain,” said his father, 52-year-old John Green.

    The younger Green was wanted on an open warrant for drunken driving at the time, was taken to a nearby police precinct — where he complained of “extreme pain.”

    “They removed one of his testicles,” his father said. “They stomped his testicles into his stomach.”

    Police claimed Green was injured when he collided with a scaffold as he ran away from the scene of the robbery.

    The police department has launched an internal affairs investigation of the incident.

    Green was not charged in connection with the robbery investigation, and it doesn’t appear the suspect had any relationship to the injured exterminator or his friends.
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    This isn't the first time that has happened in NYC. Of course the media is going to use the most unflattering image of this man they can. They'll continue and step up their character assassination until the police officer or officers are cleared of any wrong doing.
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