San Diego man sues employer under CROWN Act; claims he was discriminated over dreadlocks

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    Attorney Adam Kent is said to be seeking unspecified general and punitive damages. They also want to prohibit Encore from implementing any dress code that would “violate, or tends to violate the CROWN Act, in particular, or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, in general.”

    Encore has since apologized, claiming “miscommunication” between the two parties. In a statement to the publication, Encore stated that “Maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace where every individual has a full sense of belonging and feels empowered to reach their potential are core values of our business.” The company expressed “regret” and revealed they have since “made him an offer of employment.”

    “We are continuously looking to learn and improve, and we are reviewing our grooming policies to avoid potential miscommunications in the future,” they added.
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