State Senator Stephanie Flowers Is My Favorite Black Woman In The World Right Now

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    Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers was giving a passionate, heartfelt speech about how she felt the state’s attempt to enact ‘Stand Your Grounds’ laws could negatively impact Black people. Her sentiments are a reaction to not only what we see but also to a study that found states with ‘stand your ground’ laws have more gun deaths in addition to whites who kill Blacks in SYG states are 250% more likely to go free.

    In the now since viral video, Senator Flowers can be seen verbally standing her ground as a fellow state senator tells Senator Flowers, “senator you need to stop.” Arkansas’ stand your ground bill was defeated and Senator Flowers went on to state why she would not apologize for her words and actions in a subsequent appearance in the state capitol. Check out both videos below.

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    I remember going to Arkansas & feeling not so welcomed. It was near Little Rock & me & some of my group members (some white) went to a restaurant. There were some white people staring at us as we walked in. I remember one guy who was just looking hard at our group.

    Later, I remember we went to this Chinese place but it had white people in there and we were at the table and this white dude walks up & says, "He's so glad to see us together because in this town it's something you don't see very often." And everyone thought he was drunk..but in the back of my mind..I was like..This bish. His friend comes over & grabs him...."Lets go now..Come on.."

    I'm just sitting there like...ummmm...

    But in any case them white folks don't care bout no stand ground. They wanna shoot you anyways... Lol
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