The Blind Side movie/story RANT (What if he was gay?)

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    For those that are unfamiliar with The Blind Side movie/story;

    It's basically a true story that was adapted in a movie. It takes place in the southern United States. It's about this black young man who lived in the inner city projects, and was abandoned by mother. So he was living on the street.

    There was this white teacher who saw him sitting on a bus stop looking depressed. In the movie she was played by Sandra Bullock.

    This woman takes this young man into her very upper class and rich conservative household. Her husband who is the High School football coach, and their children are very accepting towards him.

    They buy him new clothes, buy him a car, hire special tutors for him to catch his grade average up, as when he was living in the street, he was not going to school.

    Thanks to the white lady's husband who's the football coach, he's able to give him a spot on the football team. They pay for all his football equipment, all of that.

    They even pay for him to get accepted into a very prestigious univesity, to where he goes and plays college football.

    he later gets drafted by the Baltimore Ravens and wins the Superbowl.

    Now this story is sweet and such.

    But let's turn tables and turn the tides.

    What if he were gay.

    What if he was feminine? What if he were not this athletic football player that he aspired to be.

    What if he wanted to design dresses, or be a makeup artist or something like that?

    Do you think that white family would have accepted that or allowed that, and gave him money to go to college for that? I don't think so.

    Hell no. They would have told his gay ass to leave their house and he would have sadly ended up in foster care. Not being given a chance to play football and have university paid for by playing football.

    I always find that aspect of it kinda depressing, as I am a gay black man. Sadly my relationship with my family hasn't been that supportive.

    I just want to take apart how messed up that is.
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    Married's another way of looking at this. There's a growing number of shelters and programs for homeless LGBTQ youth who have been discarded by their families, while the number of shelters for men are decreasing.
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