The NEW Samsung S10 Lineup

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    When it comes to innovation, I really like the new ranges of the S10 line up. Samsung makes really impressive screens and thank gawd that we are done with that whole notch phase, cos I just couldn't stand it.
    That being said these phones be getting so expensive nowadays, and there is a forecast that they only going to go higher. A thousand two hundred plus for a phone!?!:whut: also who needs 12GB and 1TB on their phone!?!
    I am in the market to get a new phone, being using my LG since 2013, and looking for something in the $400-500 range. Anything more than that, No Sir.
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    The large memory is cool for the Samsung Note series, as people may have large files (graphics, written notes, etc). With iCloud and Google photos, not a need for too much memory on the average smartphone. I still use my old Note 3 as a pocket pad and I can always have the phone part switched back on if needed. No need to always have “the latest”.

    I agree on phone pricing. The expense is largely a function of Samsung and Apple being publicly held companies and investors expecting returns on shares or dividends regardless as to the maturation of the market. Since people aren’t buying more phones due to market saturation, Apple and Samsung hope to fleece Western buyers through increased pricing. People in emerging markets like India and the African continent are getting lower cost but powerful phones through Huawei et al. I see Huawei has a foldable phone just as good as the one Samsung just released.

    It remains to be seen how long Samsung and Apple think they can fleece US and European buyers. Which is why they’re using the “Huawei phones are spying for the Chinese” boogeyman to discourage sales in the West, as if the NSA et al aren’t spying on Galaxies and iPhones lol. I’d buy any Huawei phone over an Apple or Samsung because I’m not doing anything on my phone illegal (making me a target for blackmail) nor am I a corporate CEO needing to protect trade secrets or IP.

    Finding the iPhone XS too expensive? Here are 3 great alternatives.

    I’m not spending any more money on phones until something is broken and needs replacement (my iPhone 6sPlus is still just fine after 4 years). Apple has lost its damned mind trying to make phones as expensive as car and house down payments, and Samsung would be wise to view Huawei as it’s chief competitor not Tim Cook. Idiot Americans might pony up for a iPhone XS Max, but billions in India, China, Africa, and Latin America can get way better phones for FAR less.
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