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    Shortly before Tumblr decided to ban all pornographic content, contributor Juan Carlos dropped Cypher Ave a submission revealing his Tumblr porn observations. We thought it would be cool to reminisce and travel down the memory lane of Tumblr’s former smutty paradise for Throwback Thursday.

    My discovering Tumbler is much like Christopher Columbus discovering America. It has existed and was just a matter of timing before I realized Plymouth Porn. Coincidentally, I saw a message in the forums months ago regarding how Tumbler is an easy draw like Instagram and Facebook. I found myself losing dumb time on there. There are countless personal accounts and posts. You’ll see handsome faces, IG fitness models, and actors. Pretty vanilla shyt right? Then I scroll down further, and I see porn clips, regular guys posting dick pics, regular guys posting clips of them fuckn, regular guys posting clips of them rubbin’ one out solo, in pairs, in groups, in a car, in a park, in the gym, and in the bathroom. Things I’ve seen were beginning to make me more curiouser and curiouser the further into the rabbit hole I had gone.

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    The good is the variety. All sizes, hues, activities to peruse. It’s like a virtual catalog of sexual delights.

    The bad is something that I found a bit alarming and reminds me that what you put out there is proof positive that it is, in fact, out there on the web in perpetuity. There was a series of pics from “baited” straight men. Upon my research, there are women on a team whose objective is to tempt particular straight guys on Facebook, Snap Chat, and Instagram and obtain their private pics to sell to the blogs or in collections to whomever are interested. These men could be just popular attractive men, young athletes in college, or entertainers. These women slide in their DM being flirtatious and coy to seduce with sexy pics with a promise to show more if the guys do the same. It’s all a game of cat and mouse and the women do not have a problem sharing their nude pics just to get the guys dick pics and have them to show their ass and asshole, too. This shows how trusting this guys were with these women or how gullible. I saw at least 5 guys dick pics that I know. 3 of the guys we mutually follow each other on IG and 2 out of the 3 are straight. Can you imagine the feeling of betrayal along with the loss of control? Just to think that your full nudes and dick pics are out there in the ether getting shared hundreds of times across hundreds of different blog sites. You’re powerless to do anything unless if you have knowledge of a particular blog publicly posting your image without your consent then you have the right to contact that website directly and have them immediately remove your image. If they don’t comply, it’s possible to sue for three reasons: invasion of privacy, violation of right of publicity, or defamation. I see that it is a hustle and as mentioned before the celebs that are caught up; their pics are sold to the blogs and in collections. The collections go for $60 and contains maybe 100 photos of selected straight guys who were baited by women for their dick and ass pics. I viewed a few of the sample pics from the cache and it was a bit underwhelming, in my opinion. I think the appeal is that these are real straight men that were tricked, taboo, and the revenge is that their private pics are public. It’s like getting more than just a quick glimpse of the attractive guy you’ve noticed a few times at the gym and was curious to see more. #secretcrushNit

    The ugly is that some posts aren’t heavily monitored and there could be a few that could be offensive to some and if caught very much a problem so you are invited to report the post. This one guy reposted a vid by someone who appeared to be madd young with a big dick jacking off. I immediately blocked that person for I don’t want anything remotely deemed illegal involving the underage on my thread or timeline. I wasn’t alone for there were several comments in alignment with me and there was one sick phuk pining over this well-endowed tween who posted what he wanted to do with him which received my disapproval along with my disgust. It’s that kind of shyt that turns me off from Tumbler as I go on hiatus.

    Waywardly going onto Tumbler is like mindless eating; Tumbler’s like satiating a craving when you’re not even hungry. A snack is a snack it’s not a meal. As long as you are mindful of all of the wonders of Tumbler then you won’t lose yourself. As for me, the whole wheat side of Tumbler gave me pause and much doubt while the frosted voyeuristic goodness made me want to rub one out.
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