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    Hey Guys, I'm Tyson Anthony...you know...About Him...About Justin...About Bom Chicka Womp Womp...Pharm...Raising Eli... - But Tonight I'm stopping by one of my favorite forums to give the first twenty-five viewers the first episode of my new webseries Entercourse...for FREE. All you have to do is use the promo code "Cypher" and tadah, bromos. (make sure it's for a RENTAL)

    The Plot (Yes, It Has Plot) - Porn Addiction

    Rocky's (Elijah Black) porn-watching habit is causing a strain on his relationship with his boyfriend Miles (Jerome Parker). Miles' co-worker Drew (David Hall) attempts to help the couple maintain their relationship but his method may actually only lead to their demise.

    - I hope you guys check it out - enjoy it, laugh, learn, and look for more from me very soon. This is produced, written, directed, all by myself. And the cast consist of three young individuals who worked their butts off to entertain you guys. Thank you and enjoy. ...And no I did not fire Brandon Karson, I don't work...there anymore :/ THANNNKS

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