What Could Distract Black Talk Radio from News about Trump and Kavanaugh? Homosexuality

Discussion in 'LGBT News and Events' started by OckyDub, Oct 8, 2018.

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    So I was listening to a local Black talk political radio show and the discussion slightly deviated from Brett "I Like Beer" Kavanaugh to homosexuality.

    A frequent caller (who is gay) stated he didn't like the homophobia on Lil Wayne's new album. This was due to the brief intro by the host talking about the new music he is listening to. The host then jokingly brings up Wayne kissing Baby in the mouth as a way to say, "Lil Wayne can't call anybody else gay, nor talk about gay folk".


    This then changes the topic of the show. It was about Trump and Kavanaugh. Now its about Trump, Kavanaugh and homosexuality. Correction...homosexuality specifically in Black MEN.

    After her Trump / Kavanaugh comment this one caller begins a diatribe about the type of Black gay men she likes. I'll paraphrase...

    'I like the gay men who are authentic and not afraid of being themselves. Them the ones I like."

    The host asks, "what do you like about them?" She replies;

    "Well they're so real and we have so much in common. Like, we have the same interests and like doing the same things. I have so much fun being with them because they're so entertaining. I don't want to objectify or make them sound exotic because these are genuine authentic people. I don't like them other ones though. Them DL ones. Nobody has time for them faking and pretending they are something they aint."


    My spidey sense began to tingle.


    Something tells me, the gay Black men she loves to be around are fem leaning, while any non-heterosexual Black man who is not fem leaning she considers DL. Sad but predictable.

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