Wolverine 3 will be titled Logan? New Film Poster Released

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    Hugh Jackman recently promised that we'd start hearing more about Wolverine 3 over the next couple of weeks, and it appears as if that's begun with a title reveal. As you can see below, the actor has Tweeted out a photo of a massive poster for the movie which confirms that it will be titled simply Logan. That's definitely unexpected, but it's actually cooler than Wolverine: Weapon X in many ways!

    What's particularly interesting about this image is the fact that we see a child's hand clutching on to the clawed mutant. Based on a combination of rumours and speculation from set photos, chances are that's the young X-23, a character it's thought will play a big role in the X-Men Universe moving forward. Either way, expect more details about Logan to be revealed shortly! Do you guys like the title?

    First Poster For WOLVERINE 3 Reveals That The Movie Will Be Titled LOGAN
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