The title may seem judgmental but to the bare bones it is what it is.

How many of us are guilty of taking a quick glance at those ads drawn in by impressive bodies, bubble asses, and dicks? We are men and visual creatures. However, at what point does it go a step further to
making a “date” and ultimately paying for sex?

I am an attractive guy and been told a reasonable catch. I garner attention from both sexes and screen due to personal preferences. Being horny and bored during a trip home last year to New York City made me “adventurous” to even make or consider making an attempt to purchase sex.

On a popular site, let’s call it “hire-a-man.com”, I saw him.  A faceless pic with a great body, nice abs, a phat ass and an 11″ penis.

I am a top but seeing another well-endowed guy is a turn on especially if it’s flopping against my stomach while I am inside and he is riding me. His rate was $275. During a weak and convoluted state I made contact.

I blame the wood which caused an arterial flow problem from my head to my second head. I never thought I would be a “john”. The exchange was direct. He asked for my number to text and sent me a full pic including a clear face shot.

He is attractive guy and a superb physical male specimen. I was hoping that he was masculine so I asked if I could call. He agreed. When he said, “Hello” I got natural masculinity with no bravado or intention, just natural. I nervously gave him my hotel name along with directions. He stated he would be on his way.

My next thought was WTF did I do? Is this really going to happen? I think people who pay for sex with escorts are either disconnected or desperate. I am not either so already I am feeling regretful in making
plans. However, he’s on the way and I was expecting him in 45 minutes. I took a hot shower to relax me and decided to change things. I am still in control and everything in life is a teachable moment thanks to Oprah.  So, I decided I would not engage sexually but would just have convo.

Knock, knock, knock at the door. I look at the clock and he’s right on time. The man is serious about his time, for time literally is his money. I let him inside my hotel room as we exchanged pleasantries.


He immediately began to disrobe. Wow, so the stopwatch has started. I asked if he wouldn’t mind taking a shower. I am super hygienic and expect the same.  Without an argument he obliged me. I watched him take a shower as he lathered his body and ass as I voyeuristically peered at his private show as he pulled on his flaccid dick until it grew.

I handed him a towel and made my way back to the bed. I told him I had a confession. He immediately became super nervous, eyes rapidly scanned about the room, and he asked if I was a cop.

I told him I am not a cop but wasn’t comfortable in having things get physical. I offered him $100.00 for 30 minutes of his time. He obliged. The impromptu interview began.

Q: How long have you been doing this line of work?
A: Not too long. Just a few months. I am looking for work and have a kid to take care of.

Q: How has your experiences been while doing this type of work?
A: I disconnect. Guys usually want me to fuck them or suck me off until they cum.

Q: So, you don’t enjoy it?
A: No.

Q: So, most aren’t too discriminating for it is about making money. What do you do if it’s a senior citizen or an amputee or an obese man or a transgendered person who is seeking your services? My dick don’t get brick if it’s someone that I am not sexually attracted to.
A: You do it like you do anything other job you don’t like. It has to be done for you to be paid. I’m not gay. I’m gay for pay.

Q: So, your “clients” are left satisfied and what about you after?
A: I manage and take care of my business.

I thanked him, apologized for it being “weird” and paid him. He thanked me and swiftly left.

This was a learning experience. I think most people don’t realize that there is a human condition and experience in it all. People are motivated to do things for survival. This case scenario was nothing sketchy. He was not on drugs, or a hustler or a thief. He’s just trying to make some ends to take care of his responsibilities. By no means am I trying to romanticize this like Pretty Woman and the rich Sugar Daddy she found in Richard Gere. We have all heard stories that became more like an urban legend about guys meeting other guys online for a hookup and it takes a terrible turn to robbery or murder. That situation and threat is real as any other.


I guess, as with most things in life, you have to be smart and use your better judgment.  We all can have a weak moment and lose our heads in making an irresponsible slip.

Listen to your instincts and maybe take that extra second so things can be placed into more clarity. Lastly, this isn’t to legitimize a need for prostitution.  Selling sex is the oldest profession and as long as there is a customer willing to pay business is open 24 hours with a flashing neon sign.



Juan Carlos hails from the Bronx, NYC.  Even though he has been in Atlanta for over ten years, he is still a New Yorker at heart.  Juan is an avid reader, hip hop head and Marvel Comics enthusiast.

His rich family roots are a Tri-Latin American Mix of Dominican, Puerto Rican & Brazilian.

Always looking forward, Juan continues to be an ardent life learner.