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More disappointing time spent this week viewing another black gay web series on YouTube from a “can you review my web series on your website” director’s email request. I’m replaying dialogue in my head between Nick Delmacy and screenwriter James Peoples from Podcast #23 about…

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WATCH: 2am The Smiling Man 

What do you get when you ask Reddit users to detail their creepiest or scariest encounters? Subreddit r/LetsNotMeet. For what it’s worth, the moderators of this subreddit require the submissions to be 100% true. I’m assuming if not they delete them or the story gets…


Kick Ass Movie Trailers 

Don’t you just hate when you see an awesome movie trailer but the movie never comes to theater? Or it eventually makes it to DVD but it seems like it take 2 years? Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen to the kick ass movie trailers…

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A Quick Review: The Happy Sad 

The 2004 film Crash has ruined independent films for decades to come; why? The answer is because the characters’ stories in the Academy Award winning film are masterfully intertwined and intersect to a climatic conclusion. Since then, many web series creators, independent film writers and…

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The Top 10 Blockbuster Films I’ve Only Seen Once 

Replay Value is a term that is used by reviewers and critics in the video game industry. It basically means after you’ve played and completed a game, is the game fun and entertaining enough to entice you to play it again. However the term Reply Value can also be applied to music and movies. For this featured list, we will apply it to big budget blockbuster Hollywood movies.