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REVIEW: Lee Daniels’ Light-Skinned Hip-Hop Series EMPIRE 

I got to see an early screening of the first episode of Empire on a big screen here in Atlanta. The room was packed with well dressed black people of different ages, shades, genders and sexual orientations. Very nice crowd. Having said that, there are some gay scenes in the show and (you guessed it) the majority of the crowd didn’t like it.

Anytime the gay character did anything “gay” the uncomfortable groans sang out like a black church choir in the Bible belt south.

Entertainment, Television

WATCH: Leave or Die 

I’m a huge fan of the reenactment, documentary style, reality, conspiracy theory, ghosts, UFO, supernatural, paranormal, cryptozoology type television shows; I absolutely love’em. One of the more interesting moments I saw once came from an Animal Planet series called The Haunted. In true Animal Planet…