Does This Picture Offend You? 

Readers know I’m very open and honest. Am I offended by this picture?…No. Am I a little bothered?…Yes. Probably not for the reasons you may think. I should expound just a little…I’m slightly bothered. The reason is not because the dads are gay. Not because…

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These Facebook Comments Prove That Black Homophobia is Just Like White Racism 

When the Supreme Court of the United States’ recent Obergefell v. Hodges decision made Same Sex Marriage legal in the entire country, many Gay and Bisexual men of color discovered through social media that some of their “liberal” black friends were not as tolerant as they once thought. Some were outright intolerant bigots…similar to Confederate flag waving white racists.

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Heritage AND Hate 

The Confederate Flag has been thrust into the national spot light, after years of public discussion dormancy. Having lived in the south my entire life – Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia – I’ve witnessed its transition from flying over state capitols and local government buildings,…