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Male Standards Of Beauty 

A Buzzfeed video that’s making the rounds titled Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World, uses male models to show male standards of beauty and physical attributes from 12 different countries. According to Buzzfeed they gathered information from professional publications, entertainment, and social media to…

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Egypt, Mother and Son 

A couple of years ago I came across a body of work by French photographer Denis Dailleux that featured Egyptian bodybuilders posing with their mothers. Recently these photos have been making the rounds on tumblr and again they have me captivated. As I look at…

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New Threads From Octavius Terry-Sims 

Fashion designer, wardrobe stylist and photographer Octavius Terry-Sims recently debuted his new work during the LA Visionary Project. We have previously mentioned Octavius in the context of the mass wedding he participated in with his partner Jamal Terry-Sims during the 2014 Grammys Awards. Many pieces presented in…


SOLE WALKERS: Converse Style 

On a quick trip to the local food court, I saw kats rocking some crazy Converse styles. Once I got back to my work station, I decided to head over to the Converse.com just to see what was available and check the prices. Yep…they have…

Blazers & Fitteds, Style


In my opinion New Balance was always one of those sneakers that flew under the radar. Even though they are not as big a Nike or Adidas, there is something kind of mellow and laid back about these classic sneakers. It’s the right time of season to rock the sophistication that is New Balance.



The GM Corporation has taunted and titillated us enough with their announcements of “the next big product” coming to a show room near you. Introducing the big luxury truck that they said we would probably never have again, the full-sized Cadillac Escalade.