Top 2014

Admittedly, the visuals in some of the videos featured on this list are very similar. Yeah we get it and can assume based on some of the resources these artist had at the time, they could only shoot scenes of various hood locations from around the way. This is in contrast of course to other LGBT artists with deeper pockets who were able to get more bang-for-their-bucks out of their videos with better locations and slicker cinematography. Having said all that, how in the hell did we compile this list?

The list is based off of the artist’s skills, flow, productions on the track, in addition to the visual creativity of the video. They run the gamut from hood tracks to love songs. The content or message of some songs did have an impact (more so than others) as to where they placed on the list. Also keep in mind this is not based on youtube views, budgets, media buzz, etc. The list starts out at the #20 spot and we work our way to the #1 video of the year by an LGBT artist. The finished product is Cypher Avenue’s Top 20 LGBT Hip Hop and R&B Videos of 2014.

20. Lil Bit – Chiraq Remix (TevDesh Productions)

19. Larry ‘Phylle’ Carter – I Love Him (Mr 23)

18. Star Cavalli – Maybe We Can

17. Kore Stacks – Pull It (Royally Fly)

16. Vicky Green – I Can (Mr. Faze Funk)

15. Ether L Banks – #Attraction (Kudzai Zikhali)

14. Metrell Hurst – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (AiRyze)

13. Bry’Nt – Explain

12. Fly Young Red – U Don’t Want It

11. Gary Suriel – Ain’t See me Comin’ (Gary Suriel & Jarvis Duran)

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