Cypher Avenue’s Top 20 LGBT Hip Hop and R&B Videos of 2014

By Cypher Avenue | Posted Dec 23 2014 | 15 Comments  

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Admittedly, the visuals in some of the videos featured on this list are very similar. Yeah we get it and can assume based on some of the resources these artist had at the time, they could only shoot scenes of various hood locations from around the way. This is in contrast of course to other LGBT artists with deeper pockets who were able to get more bang-for-their-bucks out of their videos with better locations and slicker cinematography. Having said all that, how in the hell did we compile this list?

The list is based off of the artist’s skills, flow, productions on the track, in addition to the visual creativity of the video. They run the gamut from hood tracks to love songs. The content or message of some songs did have an impact (more so than others) as to where they placed on the list. Also keep in mind this is not based on youtube views, budgets, media buzz, etc. The list starts out at the #20 spot and we work our way to the #1 video of the year by an LGBT artist. The finished product is Cypher Avenue’s Top 20 LGBT Hip Hop and R&B Videos of 2014.

20. Lil Bit – Chiraq Remix (TevDesh Productions)

19. Larry ‘Phylle’ Carter – I Love Him (Mr 23)

18. Star Cavalli – Maybe We Can

17. Kore Stacks – Pull It (Royally Fly)

16. Vicky Green – I Can (Mr. Faze Funk)

15. Ether L Banks – #Attraction (Kudzai Zikhali)

14. Metrell Hurst – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (AiRyze)

13. Bry’Nt – Explain

12. Fly Young Red – U Don’t Want It

11. Gary Suriel – Ain’t See me Comin’ (Gary Suriel & Jarvis Duran)

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  1. Nick Delmacy | December 24th, 2014

    From the looks of it, it was a really great year for LGBT musicians and athletes.

  2. Chi' | December 24th, 2014

    I see Ocky all over that number 1. Hahahaha. I didn’t like Throw That Boy but it should be higher up. Maybe number 2

  3. Al Be | December 24th, 2014

    Congrats to all all the LGBT f olks out tbere doing there thing! I was especially feeling #’s 1, 6, 7,14,19

  4. African King | December 24th, 2014

    I loved the FYR mixtape this year and I enjoyed the EarthTone EP. I can’t wait for the FYR album! Thanks for putting Siya on here for real! And Metrell Hurst and BryNt

  5. Jonah | December 24th, 2014

    Definitely an on point list. Had some underdawgs and some definite mainstays in LGBT Hip-Hop/R&B. Earth Tone, FYR, and Kore Stacks deserved them nods… I was surprised to not see tha boy Cakes Da Killa on here tho… especially after this track from a few months ago where tha yung boy lived up to his name:
    He gotta be one of the hardest spitting gay rappers ever… his soundcloud says so lol:

    Good far reaching ear overall tho!

    • SB3
      African King | December 27th, 2014

      I agree with you about Cakes Da Killa. He went HARD on Hot 97 earlier this year. Very talented

    • Ocky Williams | December 27th, 2014

      A full rap video with a black man modeling church hats and crying? Naw son. Yes dude can rap but that video…nope.

      • Jonah | December 27th, 2014

        ^^^ Things haters say…Like a video wit a nigga sittin in a bed wit a bunch of balloons or a video wit people dancing inexplicably slow at a party is more creative /innovative than this! LMAO!! Y’all kill me…

        • Ocky Williams | December 27th, 2014

          But compared to what exactly? Some like the vid others don’t, myself included. No hate needed to form an opinion and have personal likes or dislikes.

          • Jonah | January 6th, 2015

            Lol, I’m was just talkin’ shit bout the hater thing bro. I do think the video does some interesting things to produce a mix of some real ironic, funny, and haunting images running alongside this homoerotic backdrop (the self-gratification, the cum flurry). Think it showcases the conceptually creative range that has started to mark the visuals of LGBT Rappers including Zebra Katz and Mykki Blanco. That’s what I fully meant lol.

  6. Inda Men | December 24th, 2014

    Awesome list! Definitely not into “Throw that boy pussy” and some others but for the most part I could be listening these tracks all day long. “Fuck is you” my favorite.

  7. ControlledXaos | December 27th, 2014

    Am I the only one who has no appreciation for LGBT music?

    • African King | December 28th, 2014

      Why no appreciation for black LGBT music?

      • ControlledXaos | December 28th, 2014

        I just do not like any of the songs listed here. Nor have I heard a song by a LGBT artist that had me saying “This the jam right hea!”

        It doesn’t mean that these are bad tracks, they just don’t resonate with me either lyrically, production wise, or melodically. I’m glad these folks are doing their things but it’s just lost on me. :/

  8. TheDarkness
    TheDarkness | January 4th, 2015

    It’s funny how you can listen to something, and yet not really “hear” it. That Earth Tone joint–I remember when y’all first featured him on the Ave, and I listened to the track. But–in reviewing this list–today was the first time I actually “HEARD” it! In “F*ck Is You?”, this N*gga is rappin’ ’bout MY LIFE! How did I F*ckin’ miss that the first time around??? That Sh*t is DOPE! It’s DEEP!

    And it’s soooo me.

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