Dad boxes son for

A father decides to discipline his son for walking out of class and leaving school early without permission. So far no problem right? Well dad decides to video tape himself disciplining his son and upload it to social media to show how real men should discipline their sons.

He sets up the camera and tell his son to get the boxing gloves. He then proceeds to punch the shit outta lil dude. Battered and bloodied he then make his son apologize on camera to his teacher for “cuttin up and walking out of the class.” Take a look below.

Here is my problem. Social media, wanting to go viral and be internet famous is helping society destroy itself faster. Why did this need to be shared with the world? This father could now possibly get arrested for child abuse and then have to spend money for lawyers, court costs, etc. that could be used on his household and family. Why put yourself and your family in a possible financial burden?

I do like the concept but the delivery here is horrible. This should’ve been done outside (blood all over the carpet). Pops should have let his son get some punches in for sportsmanship. More importantly why be so rough? Dad outweighs his son by like 150 pounds, is taller and has a longer reach.

So far there has been some who call this abuse but some folks are championing this dad on social media as being a responsible dad and loving his son. I didn’t see in the video him hugging his son nor telling his son he loved him. Also the point that is being missed here is that if the way he disciplines his son is the correct way…why is his son acting out in school and being disrespectful to teachers in the first place?

The kid is now publicly embarrassed and I’m sure will face some teasing from kids at school and in the neighborhood. How is this advancing or empowering the son? This just doesn’t sit well with me.

What are your thoughts. Is this discipline or abuse?



The original video was deemed to graphic for Youtube…no really. But here is the update.

Dad charged, teen removed from home after boxing video post on Facebook